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Rounded Rectangle: About Us


To provide leadership in clinical practice, research and advocacy in cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation for the enhancement and maintenance of cardiovascular health of Canadians.


CACPR is the national leader of cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation.

Inclusiveness Embracing of diversity
National Perspective Encompass the needs and interests of members across Canada  
Trust and Respect Honesty and transparency in our interactions
Integration Cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation is an integral part of cardiac care
Collaboration Working in cooperation with the greater cardiovascular community
Professional Credibility Strive for the highest level of scientific and clinical practice
Leadership Lead by example in all things important to our Association

Objectives of the Association
  • To act as a forum for the exchange of information within Canada, and with other international Cardiac Rehabilitation Associations 
  • To promote a better understanding of Cardiac Rehabilitation among other professional bodies, organizations, government agencies, and the public 
  • To provide professional education through the organization, sponsorship and promotion of educational conferences, scientific meetings and publications 
  • To encourage and foster research in Cardiac Rehabilitation 
  • To develop, promote, and establish guidelines for the practice of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Canada 
  • To provide ways of enhancing career development for members and students in the Association 

Rounded Rectangle: Code of Ethics

It is a condition of affiliation that regular, associate, and student members of the Canadian Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (CACPR) maintain a high level of ethical and professional conduct. This code should be considered the standard of propriety by which you conduct your relationships with colleagues, members, allied professions and the public.

Members should strive to improve their knowledge and skills, and be prepared to disseminate their findings to both their colleagues and to the public in a timely fashion. Members should maintain high professional and scientific standards, and should safeguard the public interest against members who are deficient in ethical conduct or professional competence.

Download now! - Code of Ethics


Rounded Rectangle: Cardiac Rehabilitation Defined

The Canadian Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation defines cardiac rehabilitation as: "The enhancement and maintenance of cardiovascular health through individualized programs designed to optimize physical, psychological, social, vocational and emotional status.


This process includes the facilitation and delivery of secondary prevention through heart hazard identification and modification, in an effort to prevent disease progression and recurrence of cardiac events."

Secondary Prevention

The sum total of all interventions, both physiological and behavioural, designed to favourably modify an individual's lifestyle, enhance adherence and reinforce compliance with long-term behaviours compatible with minimizing disease progression. Spring 1998.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program 

The Canadian Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation defines a program as being hospital and/or community based or a satellite of either. All programs must have:

  • Appropriate medical assessment
  • A multidisciplinary team of health care professionals, including a physician
  • A core element of exercise
  • The ability to provide and/or access approved exercise testing procedures 
  • Client and family education
  • Structured heart hazard identification and behaviour modification

Programs are encouraged to have a research component. October 1999.

The CACPR does not accredit nor endorse cardiac rehabilitation programs.


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