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The overall vision and direction of the CCRR is determined by the CCRR Committee. The CCRR Committee oversees all CCRR operations, which include the work of three sub-committees: the Data Transfer Compatibility Verification (DTCV) Sub-Committee, the CCRR Program Liaison Sub-Committee and the CCRR Research Sub-Committee.

The CCRR DTCV Sub-Committee oversees systematic processes to effectively evaluate the appropriateness and compatibility of a variety of electronic data upload methods from individual CR programs to the CCRR.

The CCRR Program Liaison Sub-Committee provides support to and an avenue for feedback for existing and potential CCRR participating programs. Their feed-forward/feedback structure strengthens CCRR relationships and ensures the CCRR is responsive to evolving clinical practise.

The CCRR Research Sub-Committee oversees all issues related to the use of CCRR data by researchers and the publication of work based on those data.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the CCRR Committees, please contact Special Projects Coordinator.



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